Solomon’s Porch Easter 2012 Dance Practice Video GROUP A

This is the practice video for GROUP A: Krista, Victoria, Sandra, Joanna, Meghan, and Cosette. I am dancing Alexis’s part in the second verse, so all of you should just do what Miss Jeanne does. I am also dancing Victoria’s part near the end where she joins Sara for the chorus. So everyone besides Victoria should join in when you see Miss Jeanne start. Happy Dancing and Practicing everyone!!!! Let me know on here if you have any questions! ~Jen PS I do not own any rights to this song

Ty Basket Beanie Babies – Easter 2012 Complete Set of 3 (Goldie, Lily & Petunia)

From the Ty Basket Beanie Babies collection.
Plush stuffed animal collectible toy.
Mint with mint tags (with heart & tush tags).
Approximate size: 3.5 to 5 inches.

Set of 3 includes:
– GOLDIE the Yellow Chick
– LILY the Cream Lamb
– PETUNIA the Purple Bunny

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